Photo of production shell casting

The DE30 is the latest EMD commuter locomotive. Built for the Long Island Rail Road's nonelectrified routes in the late 1990s, these locos were also delivered in a dual-mode version for operation into Penn Station. You don't have to model the LIRR to own this loco: IHP's model can be used on any freelance commuter road requiring a dedicated commuter locomotive. It is available only as a body shell kit. By modeler's request, it was designed to use commercially-available fans, PE side screening and other details the modeler can add at will.

*One-piece, scale-length, finely-cast body shells have DE30 and DM30 features
*Add-on body details such as cast resin stepwells, MU receptacles, rear details and more
*Underbody/fuel tank section
*Provisions for wire grabirons and coupler lift bars
*An easier solution for powering the model is Athearn's AMD103 mechanism, which is a little short, but will work.

87507BEMD DE30 Loco Body Kit Undec$75.00

Availability: Not In Production.