IHP HO Toronto TTC CLRV Streetcar
HO Scale Toronto TTC CLRV Streetcar Hybrid Kit

Photo from the collection of Jean Deschenes

The Canadian Light Rail Vehicle (CLRV) was designed to Toronto Transportation Commission (TTC) specifications to replace a large portion of the PCC streetcars then in use in Toronto, Ontario (while 173 PCC cars were rehabilitated for further service). The CLRV was developed by the Urban Transportation Development Corporation (UTDC) in cooperation with TTC.

The first six cars (4000-4005) were prototypes constructed by the Swiss Industrial Company (SIG) and the balance of the fleet (4010-4199) were built by Hawker-Siddely Canada. The cars were 50'8" long over the anticlimbers, 8'6" wide and 12'1" overall in height. All cars were single-ended.

The six SIG cars arrived during 1977 and 1978. The Hawker cars began delivery in 1979 and the last car was delivered in 1982. Actual Commission acceptance of the individual cars was completed in 1982. The cars continue to serve today but are slated for replacement by new multisection Flexity LRVs from Bombardier, deliveries of which have already commenced to TTC.

This model is an all-new tool designed entirely by CAD data from information supplied to IHP by the late Jean Deschenes. It consists of a finely-cast resin body shell, which is obtained directly from IHP. The body shell is designed to represent the cars as delivered, early in their careers. Available separately for the body are 3D-printed parts for the roof brake grids and end skirts. The end skirts are separate to enable the builder to model the cars with the end skirts off (exposing the couplers) or in place. The couplers are 3D-printed parts, which are available folded or extended. The frame is 3D-printed and accepts the Bowser #125100 mechanism and the detailed 3D-printed truck sideframes are designed to fit the Bowser trucks. Also available are clear cast-resin parts for the curved end windshields. The side windows use clear acetate cut to fit from behind. Any trolley pole may be used. We have a decal sheet available to decorate the models for TTC service.

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The roof grid, end skirts, truck sideframes and couplers are available from Shapeways. The frame is available from Shapeways in their Versatile Black process.

3D-PRINTED PARTS: Click on each link to order that part from the 3D printing service's shop. Photos of the parts are on each item listing.
ORDER Roof Resistor Grids (One Per Car)
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Decal Sheet is available separatey from Precision Design Co.