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WELCOME to our Website!!

Imperial Hobby Productions (IHP) is a FULL-TIME hobby manufacturing company founded by Mike Bartel in 1993.

IHP produces high-quality hobby kits and HO scale models for collectors, modelers and industry.


IHP uses CAD modeling to design our products and injection moulding to make styrene or diecast metal parts.
A large amount of work goes into the research and development of our products and reflects the interest we have in the subject matter.

Our primary business is producing plastic kits for the 1/700 scale ship market. Currently, IHP is the only USA-based brand designing and selling our own injected-plastic 1/700 kits.

We believe that hobby kits should be as well-researched and detailed as possible, yet also be easy enough to build that anyone can complete and decorate a fine model from the box in a reasonable amount of time.
To this end, we make use of 'slide-tooling' where possible to simplify construction and reduce the number of parts required in an assembly.
We also make certain our fit tolerances are not 'sloppy' as in other kits.

As a 'sideline', we also produce HO scale commuter and transit vehicles of USA prototypes.

Our first plastic HO model, the SEPTA Kawasaki LRV, was introduced in 2014.

We have recently rebranded our model train range as Mass Transit Miniatures (MTM), and all newer models are being sold under that label to better distinguish our models from other brands.

IHP does not do custom projects or contract work. We prefer to focus on our own projects at our own pace.

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All items are available through your dealer, or through certain IHP-supplied dealers, or direct from our website and eBay Store. Ordering direct is secure through Paypal.

1. IHP does not publish a printed catalogue. This website and our social media pages are our window to the world.

2. All your questions are answered ON THIS WEBSITE. Product availability, prices and release dates are all given here on the appropriate pages. For the most up-to-date information, check our Facebook and Twitter pages. If the information is not on this website, or on our social media pages, it is not yet known or it is not officially happening.

3. Suggestions for future products are always welcome. (We do not take Requests, as we are not a radio station.)

4. Feedback on this website (and on our products) is always welcome. We can't improve anything unless we know what you'd like to see us do differently in terms of making this site more accessible, more user-friendly, or easier to understand, or our products better or easier to obtain. IHP is known for constant improvement of its products, and we would like to keep it this way.

5. Contacting IHP We can be reached through email, or you can message us through our social media pages.

6. IHP does a few shows, but mostly within the Philadelphia area if possible. We have been attending the Amherst Model Railroad show the past few years.

DEALERS: Contact us about becoming an IHP dealer, or for information on distributors that stock our products.

Thank you for taking the time to look at our website and we look forward to serving your modeling needs in the future!

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