IHP 1:700 HMS Wild Goose Page
1:700 Scale HMS Wild Goose

HMS Wild Goose was one of 13 Black Swan-class sloops built prior to and during WW2. They had the heaviest armament for their size anywhere in the world, and were the most efficient types for escort duties. They had good ASW and surface warfare armament. The ships of this class had long range and would seek out U-boats rather than letting the U-boats come to them.
Wild Goose herself was completed in March of 1943. She was 300ft in length and had a standard displacement of 1300 tons. Nicknamed the 'Mad Duck' by her crew, she collected an impressive 10 U-boat kills to her record. After the war, she was transferred to the East Indies station and joined the Persian Gulf Division, for which purpose she was rebuilt with a new cabin aft for entertaining dignitaries, such as oil sheiks. In 1954, she was placed in reserve and subsequently scrapped.

This is a Mk.2 reissue of the same kit we released in 2003, but it is now all-resin.

*Length 5 1/8" (130mm)
*Detailed Resin Hull
*Detailed Superstructure
*Resin detail parts
*Decal sheet with hull numbers for this ship
*Brass rod for masts


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