IHP 1:700 US Navy Destroyer Accessories
1:700 US Navy Destroyer Accessories

These parts are cast metal. The set contains the following:
2 X Quadruple Torpedo tube mounts
8 X Oval Carley Floats
2 X Whale Boats
2 X Flag Bags
2 X Quad 40mm Mounts
4 X Dual 40mm Mounts
3 X 5" 38cal Single Mounts
1 X 5" 38cal Single Mount w/ Canvas Cover
2 X 5" Open Mounts
1 X Torpedo Crane
2 X Stern Depth Charge Racks
8 X Depth Charge Throwers
Spotting glasses and AA directors
2 X Smoke Generators
1 X Training Gun
2 X Propellor Guards
1 X SK-1 radar screen
1 X Mk37 director w/ 2 different screens
Boat davits, searchlights, anchors, circular stands for AA directors

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