IHP 1:700 USS Sims DD-409 Page
1:700 USS Sims DD-409

The Sims class destroyers were part of the US Navy's efforts in the years leading up to WW2 to increase the size of its destroyer force, but through several designs since WW1 had failed to come up with one ideal class. The Sims as built was optimised for surface combat, and she was top-heavy as a result. The solution was to remove one of the three torpedo banks and one of the five 5-inch mounts. Weight was redistributed by rearranging the remaining deck equipment and boats. The Sims class served through WW2. Sims herself was sunk in the battle of the Coral Sea in 1942, with a heavy loss of life.

Photo is of the kit built in the 1940 fit.
To see a photo of the production metal detail parts trees, click HERE.

The IHP kit of the Sims is 100% metal, with some brass rod included for masts, small antennas and other details. This kit will contain alternate parts to build the Sims in her 1940 fit or her 1942 fit(when she was lost).
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