IHP 1:700 Accessories Page
1:700 Scale Turned-Brass Gun Barrels

These high-quality gun barrels were designed from photos and drawings. They are designed for use on our kits but can be adapted to other projects. Check the Update and In Stock pages for information on the availability of IHP Gun Barrels. See your IHP Dealer first to order. Gun barrel packs on this page can be ordered direct from IHP if your dealer cannot supply you. Shipping is free. Send orders to our address and allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.

770102USN 16" 50cal Gun Barrels for BB 61-71 (use with modified Trumpeter turrets) (12pk)$12.00
770103French 13.4" Barrels for Normandie, Lyon, 'Gille' designs 12/pk$12.00
77010418" Gun Barrels for St. Andrew/IJN No.13/USN 'Tillman' BB Designs 9/pk$9.00
770105German 15" Gun Barrels for WW1 Baden/Ersatz Yorck classes 9/pk$9.00
7701066" Casemate Guns for WW-1 USN BB and CC 10/pk$10.00
770107USN 16" Barrels for Maryland, South Dakota and Lexington classes 9/pk$9.00

770108German 11" Barrels for Graf Spee, Scharnhorst and Kreuzer P classes 6/pk$6.50