IHP 1:700 REPULSE Page

Model by Dr. Alan M. Jones, England.

The Repulse and her sister Renown were built in 1916, after being redesigned from their original configurations as R class battle ships. They were designed as sea-going battle cruisers, rather than shallow-draft ships designed for Baltic landings. Repulse and Renown served with the Home Fleet during the interwar years. Renown was completely modernised in the years leading up to WW2, while Repulse was not. Repulse took part in the hunt for the German cruiser Graf Spee, and was sunk in 1941 with the battle ship Prince of Wales by Japanese bombers off Singapore.

We have remastered many components of this model for greater accuracy, detail, and better fit. It already features exquisite hull detailing, and we believe the kit will be one of the most accurate Repulse models available.


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