IHP 1:700 USS Montana BB-67 Page
1:700 USS Montana BB-67

The largest battle ships ever designed for the US Navy, the Montana class was designed along with the Iowa class, but were very different ships. The Montanas would have been true battle ships, with three extra 16" guns, a larger and longer hull with better protection, and less speed as they were designed for the battle line. They are often called 'enlarged Iowas', but this is incorrect for these reasons. They would have not have been able to use the Panama Canal with a beam of 121 feet, and a third set of locks (140ft wide) were projected for these ships. Neither the locks nor the Montana class were ever built, the project having been cancelled in 1943 in favour of more aircraft carriers.

IHP's Montana kit will be released for the first time as a complete kit. The kit is based on our all-new tooling for the Montana. This kit will allow the builder to make a complete Montana from the box and even allows for some variation in AA and radar fits. The kit can, of course, make use of the many aftermarket parts and parts sets available.

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*Length: 16 inches (406mm)
*All major parts included to build a Montana-class ship.
*Detailed resin waterline hull
*Detailed resin superstructure and funnels
*Resin 16in and 5in Turrets and 16in gun barrels
*Resin 20mm gun deck emplacements (for optional later AA fits)
*Resin parts: 40mm guns, 20mm guns, gun tubs, directors, radars, more
*Metal parts: Curtiss Seahawk aircraft, 5in/54cal barrels
*Real Chain for Anchor Chains, plastic rod for masts

Availability: Discontinued. See our Apprentice Series for a craftsman kit version.