IHP 1:700 HMS Malta British Fleet Carrier Page
1:700 HMS Malta 1943 Cancelled Fleet Carrier

Plan and Profile Drawings by Mike Bartel

The Malta class of large fleet carriers was designed in 1943 and would have featured open hangars and deck edge lifts, then new features in British carrier construction. Three ships were planned (Malta, Gibralter, New Zealand) and some sources quote a fourth ship, Africa. All were cancelled by the end of 1945 and no keels were ever laid. The Maltas would have measured 916' overall length and displaced 46,900 tons standard, with a speed of 30-32 knots. Aircraft complement would have been around 80 aircraft while crew complement would have been at least 3,000. The IHP resin kit is large (nearly 16" in length) and is a semi-craftsman kit.

This is IHP's first-ever resin ship kit to be produced from start to finish using CAD design and 3D printing technology to design and prepare the masters for casting the resin components. About 98% of the kit's design is done entirely using these newer technologies, while the remaining 2% is comprised of some finishing work, extra detail parts and building material for the masts. CAD design allows for greater accuracy and parts fit, eliminating the shortcomings and limitations of traditional handmade patterns for the same purpose. This model has been designed almost entirely from official Admiralty drawings, resulting in the most accurate representation of the ships to date. IHP would like to thank Mr. Ian Sturton for his invaluable assistance on this model.

The IHP kit is a 'hybrid' kit. The major parts are available as a basic resin craftsman kit consisting of 35 parts. The small parts are available as 3D-printed parts from our Shapeways page. See the links below to order.

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B. 3-D PRINTED PARTS: (Click to see the Shapeways pages for each item)
All sets priced individually
Crane Set #1 (Part #27) 1 Sprue
Crane Set #2 (Part #26) 1 Sprue
Crane Set #3 (Part #25) 1 Sprue
4.5" Twin Barrels (Part #15) 1 Sprue
Director Set #1 (Part #30) 1 Sprue
Director Set #2 (Part #29) 2 Sprues
Director Set #3 (Part #28) 1 Sprue
Radars Set (Parts 18, 19, 20) 1 Sprue
Bofors AA Barrels (Part #17) 1 Sprue
Mast (Part #21) 1 pc.
Antennas (Part #31) 1 Sprue
Island Sponsons (Parts 22, 23, 24) 1 Sprue

Some sprues contain surplus parts.

C. The instructions for this kit are available here on the IHP website as a PDF file for download or viewing.
Malta Instructions Sheet 1
Malta Instructions Sheet 2
Malta Instructions Sheet 3
Malta Instructions Sheet 4
Malta Instructions Sheet 5
Malta Instructions Sheet 6

Here's what you get in the Basic Resin Kit:

Hull and Flight Deck

Hull, Starboard Side

Hull, Port Side


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