IHP 1:700 USS Lexington CC-1 Page
1:700 USS Lexington CC-1 (1921)

These massive ships were the only battle cruisers ever designed for the US Navy. At first, the USN favoured slow, well-armoured battle ships over a fast, heavily armed type of ship, but contemporary World War I experience showed the advantages of such a ship, and designs were being prepared in 1916. The earliest designs were not satisfactory, and it wasn't until the USA entered World War I, and the British Naval Attache in the US showed the US Navy the plans for the new HMS Hood, that a new and adequate design was prepared. The final design had eight 16" guns, a 7-inch thick armour belt (still inadequate for a ship of that size), and a 35-knot top speed. The long, slim hull allowed for a high speed and lots of high-powered machinery. Ultimately, the design was scrapped with the Washington Treaty, but two of the projected class of six (Lexington and Saratoga) were permitted by treaty to be completed as aircraft carriers.

*Length: 15 inches (381mm)
*Complete kit- All Parts Included to build Lexington in 1921 Fit
*Detailed resin waterline hull
*Detailed resin superstructure and funnels
*Metal detail parts
*Turned-brass 16" and 8"(for casemates) gun barrels
*Photoetched cage masts
*Real Chain for Anchor Chains
*Complete Instructions

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