Sample model built straight from the box and painted. What you see comes with the kit.

The French Fantasque class destroyers were conceived as part of the 1930 naval programme. Compared to their predecessors, the Vauquelins, the expected speed of the Fantasques was one knot faster and they mounted newer, more powerful guns. A new silhouette was also planned, more compact than that of previous designs. Originally, the Fantasques were to have four funels, but instead were given two short and wide ones. They had bridges with rounded fronts which were intended to make it difficult an enemy to estimate bearing, and the end result was also simpler and more aerodynamic compared to other destroyers.
These destroyers were among the largest and fastest of WW2. The German Z class was built in direct response to these ships. Fantasque herself was laid down in November of 1931 and commissioned in May of 1936. The other ships were built on similar schedules in different yards.
During the war, Fantasque and two others of her class were rebuilt in the USA. They received a proper AA armament, and were reclassified as light cruisers. They then had the best eighteen months of their careers while operating in the Mediterranean, taking part in raids and covering landings. After the war, Fantasque saw service in Indochina in 1945-46. The four survivors of the class served for another ten years after the war and finished their lives as mooring hulks or school ships.

The IHP kit of the Fantasque is 100% metal, with some brass rod included for small antennas and other details.
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