IHP 1:700 KREUZER P Projekt Page
1:700 KREUZER P Projekt 1938

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The armoured ships of the Deutschland class which first appeared in 1931 were Germany's first attempt at rebuilding its navy under the terms of the Treaty of Versailles. In the early years of World War II, the ships were used as commerce raiders and had some success. But, in the years before the war, the Kriegsmarine was already thinking of expanding on the design concept for use in surface commerce raiding. A design called Kreuzer P (panzer) was drawn up. The basic armament of the Deutschland class was retained on a new, longer hull. A higher speed was envisioned with better protection. The class would have had twin funnels and, for the first time in a Geman capital ship, a transom stern. The ships would also have carried torpedoes and aircraft, the latter in a hangar under the aft funnel. Twelve of these ships were planned under the Z Plan but none were laid down. The design was later abandoned in favor of the OPQ-type battlecruisers, but these were also never built.

IHP is reissuing this kit as a hybrid resin/3D-printed kit. The hull is resin and is ordered direct from IHP. The rest of the kit is available on our Shapeways.com page as 3D-printed parts. They are ordered from Shapeways. You get enough parts to build a complete model, and the builder will supply parts like brass barrels for the 11" turrets and plastic or brass rod for masts. The builder can also use available photoetch parts for German ships to enhance the model. Since the kit's format is basically craftsman in nature, the builder can still use their imagination to complete it.

*Length: 10 1/2 inches (270mm)
*Hybrid Resin and 3D-printed kit
*Detailed resin waterline hull
*Detailed 3D-printed superstructure and funnels
*3D-printed detail parts

*INSTRUCTIONS available as .PDF files below:
Page One(1)
Page Two (2)

NOTES TO INSTRUCTIONS: Superstructure and funnels are one piece assemblies, not separate pieces. AFT FUNNEL has a hole for the mainmast in the upper platform. Arado 196 seaplane not included (these are available as aftermarket parts). Also, plastic rod not included for masts.



SUPERSTRUCTURE PARTS: (Click to Order from our Shapeways store)
Parts Set #1: Superstructure and Funnels
Parts Set #2: Equipment Set

Available: July 2013.