1:700 MNF JOFFRE CV 1940

Line Drawing of JOFFRE Class
Construction Stopped around this point

French naval aviation has included a number of projects not completed. The two carriers of the JOFFRE class of 1940 (the sister ship being PAINLEVE) were designed to give the French Navy a measure of seagoing air power to counter the German GRAF ZEPPELIN types then under construction in Germany. The JOFFRE class was based on British practice of incorporating two hangars, an upper and lower one, into the hull, but the concept was modified to increase the upper hangar deck size by expanding and offsetting it to port, creating an overhang to port of the flight deck. This essentially created an 'angled' deck, which bypassed the rather large starboard side island and helped to balance the ship. Two lifts were provided on the centerline. The large island had four twin 5" turrets for anti-torpedo vessel (destroyer) use.
The requirements for the air wing for the JOFFREs called for a combination torpedo/reconnaissance bomber. Dewoitine put forth a prototype of an aircraft designated D750, but it was destroyed just before France fell in 1940. This appears to have been a relatively large aircraft (with a crew of up to three), and it seems unlikely that the projected air wing number of 28 could have been comfortably carried aboard.
Both JOFFRE and PAINLEVE were cancelled when France fell, and the JOFFRE was around one quarter complete at this time. She was scrapped on the slipway. It does not appear that PAINLEVE had been begun by this time.

This all-new kit is IHP's first aircraft carrier project. You can build a simple but detailed and complete JOFFRE-class ship right from the box. No aircraft are provided.

*Length 12 1/2"
*Resin waterline hull
*Resin Flight Deck
*Resin Superstructure
*Resin Detail Parts
*Detailed Parts
*Anchor Chain

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