IHP 1:700 'Gille' Battle Cruiser Design Page
1:700 French 'Gille' Battle Cruiser Design (1913)

This class of ships never received names, but is known by its designer, M. Gille. In 1913, the 'Gille' type was one of two proposed battle cruiser designs for the French Navy, and would have mounted three quadruple 13" gun turrets. They were intended as battle cruiser companions to the Lyon and Normandie class battle ships, which would have had the same armament. No details other than general profile and characteristics (shown in the sketch above) were finalized, and the ships were never ordered or laid down due to World War 1.
The IHP kit has not been available for several years. Some improvements have been made to the kit, including more parts and improved surface detailing to existing components.

Kit Features:
*Semi-craftsman format still allows a complete model to be built from the box
*Detailed resin hull
*Resin superstructure and main gun turrets
*Turned-brass main gun barrels
*Styrene rod for masts
*Anchor Chain

Availability: DISCONTINUED. See your dealer for remaining stock.