IHP 1:700 USS Connecticut BB18 Page

The six ships of the Connecticut class was the US Navy's last successful predreadnought battle ship class. (The subsequent two Mississippis were actually the last USN predreadnought class, but were not considered successful ships.) The Connecticut class was being completed around the same time as HMS Dreadnought was causing the world's first-class navies to rethink their tactical thinking. Though excellent ships, the Connecticuts were outclassed by the concept of the 'all-big gun' ship. Even so, the US Navy had to rely on such ships for several years until new dreadnought-type ships could be designed and completed in the numbers required for the new battle lines. The Connecticuts were completed in time to take part in the 'Great White Fleet' demonstration and served in World War I, though they saw no actual combat service. The class was armed with four 12-inch main guns, and eight 8-inch secondary guns. Later modifications gave them cage masts, though their coal-fired boilers continued to limit their speed and effectiveness as capital ships in the modern Dreadnought age. They were placed in reserve and scrapped in the 1920s.

This all-new kit is from all-new tooling, and represents the Connecticut in 1908 fit, with pole masts.

*Resin waterline hull
*Resin superstructure and gun turrets
*Resin Detail Parts
*Brass rod for masts, small gun barrels
*Anchor Chain

Availability-Summer 2007. Available direct from IHP by subscription only.