IHP 1:700 HMS St. Andrew BB Page
1:700 HMS St. Andrew BB 1920

Drawing by Peter A. Marshall

While designing the Invincible (G3) battle cruisers, the Royal Navy also drew up plans for companion battle ships (N3) which would be slower but better protected and armed with 18" guns. The design chosen at the time of cancellation by the Washington treaty was similar to the Invincible but with a single funnel and a shorter hull. The names of the four ships were reportedly to have been the four patron saints of the United Kingdom (Sts. Andrew, George, David, Patrick), but this has not been confirmed. They would have been as formidable as their G3 counterparts if completed.

The IHP kit is designed as a craftsman kit. The kit requires a Tamiya Rodney or Nelson kit to finish with fine details.

Kit Features:
*Craftsman Hull Kit
*Detailed resin hull and Funnel
*18in main gun turrets (not included but are available from our Shapeways page as 3D-printed parts)

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