IHP 1:700 Apprentice Series USS Montana BB67
1:700 USS Montana BB67

The Montana class battle ships were planned in the early 1940s as true battle ship counterparts to the Iowa-class fast battle ships. The Montanas would have mounted 12 X 16" guns in four twin turrets and would have had heavier armour. They would have been slower than the Iowas as a consequence. Their hulls were longer and wider than the Iowas, with a different hull form. The Montanas also would have mounted the newer 5" 54cal secondary gun in ten twin turrets. All five projected Montana-class ships were cancelled in 1943 in favour of more aircraft carriers.

This kit is part of our 'Apprentice' Series, which gives you the basic components to construct a model of the Montana class with components from other sources or from your spares box. We recommend a Tamiya 1/700 Iowa-class battleship kit to complete the model. The Missouri or Iowa kits will provide parts and alternate superstructures to complete the model in a hypothetical WW2 fit, and the New Jersey will provide parts to complete a hypothetical modernized version. Various aftermarket PE and brass barrels will also help complete a unique model.

*Length: 16" (406mm)
*Detailed, resin waterline hull
*Detailed resin superstructure and gun turrets
*Basic Instructions available as .pdf files:
Instruction Sheet p.1
Instruction Sheet p.2
Instruction Sheet p.3


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