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IHP produces HO scale commuter, transit and traction models and kits as well as 1:700 warship kits. All products are cast-resin. We are beginning the process of transitioning to injection molded styrene plastic for production of our products, and as a result, most resin kits will be discontinued. We plan to end production of most model railroad resin products by the end of 2013, and most ships by the end of 2014. As tooling wears out, it will not be replaced. We have been in the resin casting business since 1993, and we feel it is time for a fundamental change to better serve the market.

We have revised our IN STOCK list to reflect what is still available for ordering from our resin kit range. Many of these items are available on our eBay Store, but others are only available here.

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IHP's first new injected plastic project is the HO scale SEPTA Kawasaki single-end LRV. This project is being produced for us by a manufacturer in China and we have received test shots.

We have introduced an all-new range of products as 3D printings, available from a site that hosts our 3D CAD drawings for them, and allows the customer to click, order and receive the items all online. Click HERE to see the current selection. The quality of 3D printings is getting better all the time, and we think this is the future of ordering parts from small manufacturers like IHP.
This technology has allowed us to make N scale products, which is a niche of a niche market and well suited for an approach like this, since it does not require us to make and maintain tooling. It has also allowed us to scale the CAD drawings for other scales, and we have added a TT scale (1:120) range of products, as that scale has undergone a resurgence in recent years. Our product range is the first of its kind in TT scale. We may even offer some 1:700 items in the future.

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