IHP Products
IHP produces an injection-moulded plastic, ready to run SEPTA Kawasaki single-end LRV model in HO scale. The models are finished in three different SEPTA paint schemes and available in two different road numbers each. The models are powered by Bowser components in IHP's own diecast metal frame, and are wired for 2-rail DC operation.

IHP formerly used resin to produce most of our product range but we are discontinuing use of this production method for future new products. We still offer some trolley, transit and commuter car body shells in resin and these are available only through Brian Weisman at Jason's Brass Poles. They can be found for sale on his eBay Store.

IHP offers a few of our 1/700 resin ship kits and conversion hulls through our eBay Store and through select dealers in Japan.

No New Resin Products Will Be Produced by IHP.

IHP has been offering some 3D-printed products on Shapeways.com through our own 'shop' on their site. We offer some parts and components for use with our plastic and resin models and kits to help complete and enhance them. While we were offering some body shells for certain transit vehicles, we are discontinuing them due to increasing costs on Shapeways, making them impractical to sell.

IHP eBay Store
IHP's Shapeways Shop