IHP O scale SEPTA LRV Page

In 1981, the Southeastern Pensylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA) in Philadelphia, took delivery of 112 single-ended light rail vehicles for their subway/surface trolley routes. These cars were 50' long, 8'6" wide, and had a layout similar to the PCC cars they replaced, but the new cars were a great deal more advanced than the older cars. Higher capacity and greater passenger comfort and friendliness were hallmarks of these new cars. Kawasaki Heavy Industries of Japan was the builder.

In the year 2000, Imperial Hobby Productions released the definitive scale model of this car. Produced in exact O Scale (1:48, 1/4 inch=1 foot), the model is an exact replica of the prototype in every detail. From its folding couplers to its SEPTA-licensed graphics, the model is one of the finest to ever be offered in its scale.

FEATURES of this hand-made, limited edition model include:

* A full interior with all seats, stanchions, seat grabs, modesty panels, farebox and operator's console and seat, all painted in authentic colours.
* A one-piece body shell with all the details and contours of the real car
* Roof detail with Q-Car Co. trolley pole
* Removable Floor with Underbody details and Detailed Stepwells (four screws hold the body and floor together)
* Folding Couplers like the original (couplers do not actually couple)
* Trucks with track brake and suspension detail, and detailed super-resilient wheelfaces. Trucks are sprung.
* Authentic, SEPTA-licensed graphics and paint. * Car numbers are different for each production run. Later runs will have different paint schemes, making these models true collectibles.
* Each model includes a certificate of authenticity signifying its place in the production run and its paint scheme.

And how's this for a product endorsement: After the first models were delivered to the Transit Museum Store, one of the first models sold went to a visiting Mr. Kawasaki himself!!! It's true- you can ask them at the store.

IHP is currently retooling and refining this model for re-release sometime in 2005. Only painted, completed nonpowered display models will be produced. Two different paint schemes will be offered.

#48050 SEPTA Kawasaki Single-End LRV #9038 1987 paint scheme....$385.00
#48051 SEPTA Kawasaki Single-End LRV #9000 'Delivery' Scheme...$385.00
Customers will be able to order cars with custom numbers if desired.

AVAILABLE ONLY Through your IHP Dealer.
PLEASE NOTE: All O Scale Kawasaki LRV models are produced in LIMITED QUANTITIES. There may be a wait of at least 4 to 6 weeks after your dealer places their order, perhaps more depending on our shop load and backorder waiting list.