#16008 N SCALE MetroRetro Underframe


Photos of a Stock Bachmann Metroliner and one with our New RetroFrame Installed
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The Budd Metroliners were built in 1968 as part of the Northeast Corridor High-Speed Improvement Program. Built for the Pennsylvania Railroad, the cars were put into service by Penn Central, and were purchased by Amtrak in 1971. The self-propelled cars were designed to run at speeds of 100 to 160 mph.
Bachmann's model needs some work to get it to look and run better, and this frame will go a long way to accomplishing that goal. Our Retrofit frame is made of resin and includes a metal weight for extra stability. The frame is flawlessly cast, and features sharp detail and a pilot at A end. The frame is designed to snap into the Bachmann Metroliner MU shell with little or no modification. The truck bolsters are designed to accept the original Bachmann dummy trucks, with some modification to their appearance. You will need a complete Bachmann Metroliner Dummy to use this retrofit frame kit. Complete instructions are included.
NOTE: We designed this frame to utilize screws to hold the trucks in place. The original Metroliner models do not use screws, but our instructions assume that they do. We will be including screws for your convenience.
Also, watch for a future retroframe for the Powered units!

Art.#: 16008 AVAILABILITY: Now. Order direct from IHP.