N SCALE CTA Budd 2200-series EL Cars

Prototype Photo

Model Photo

The model represents the 1968 Budd-built 2200-series cars which are still in service on CTA. They operate in pairs.

*N Scale R-T-R Display Models
*One-Piece, finely cast resin shells
*Shells represent 2200-series cars
*2-Car sets
*Sets come Assembled, Painted with window glazing
*Resin Floors with cast-on underbody, interiors, and stirrup step detail
*Metal dummy (nonpowered) trucks with Atlas metal wheelsets and third rail shoe detail

PRODUCTION IS LIMITED. These models are produced in limited quantities and are hand-assembled and painted.

CTA 2200-series EL Cars
16005CTA Budd 2200 2-Car Set Silver

AVAILABILITY:NOW. Contact us for availability.