N SCALE Budd M-1 Metropolitan MU Cars

The model represents the Budd-built electric MU commuter cars supplied to the Long Island Rail Road in 1968. Later, a group was built for the Metro-North lines out of Grand Central Terminal. The cars operated in pairs, with one A car and one B car. They are being retired now in favour of new M-7 cars.

*N Scale Kits and R-T-R Nonpowered Display Models
*One-Piece, finely cast resin shells
*Shells represent M-1 series cars
*2-Car Sets come Assembled, Painted with window glazing
*Resin Floors with cast-on underbody, interiors, and stirrup step detail
*Metal dummy (nonpowered) trucks with Atlas metal wheelsets and third rail shoe detail
*Other details include tubular diaphragms and underbody details specific to A car and B Car

PRODUCTION IS LIMITED. These models are produced in limited quantities and are hand-assembled and painted. No MTA markings are present on either version; schemes are appropriate colours only. Reserve now to avoid disappointment!

Budd M-1 Metropolitan MU Cars
16007Budd M-1 2-Car Set Unassembled Kits
16007ABudd M-1 2-Car Set Metro-North (1980s), Blue Stripe
16007BBudd M-1 2-Car set Long Island RR (1980s), Yellow Stripe

RTR MODELS: Allow 7-10 days for delivery if ordering Direct.
Kits will be available mid 2006

Order Through:
In USA: Collector's Corner and Direct from IHP
In Japan: Dauphin Ltd.