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Click on these links to access other Websites related to IHP's product lines.
These are provided out of courtesy, and we do not endorse or have any secret arrangements with any of the links shown.

The Model Railroad Club, Inc.
This model railroad club in Union, NJ, is a resource for modeling and for those in the area wishing to join a local club.

Ship Modeler's Mailing List Online (SMML)
This is an Australia-based Internet ship modeling site devoted to ship modeling. A must if you are a ship modeler. Reviews, buy/sell, links. Recommended.

The premier Internet site for Ship modelers in 1:700, 1:350, 1:1200/1250, and much more. Reviews, links, and a Message Board. Well worth a look!

Another site for Ship modelers. Has many of the same features as SteelNavy.com. Also worth a look.

Pit-Road is a Japanese manufacturer of 1:700 scale plastic and resin ship model kits and accessories. You'll enjoy a look through their site and some of the photos posted there.

GreatDecals.com is a supplier of decals with links to other decal makers and suppliers, and articles and photos. Makes HO PATCO decals that fit our PATCO cars.

The website of the top traction modeling group in the USA. Club information, links to traction manufacturers and publications, and more!

Model SubTalk
An online bulletin board for modelers of NYC rapid transit equipment. Ask and answer questions, get manufacturer information and feedback on new products, and a lot more.

JustBlowingSmoke.com- Historic Railroad Passenger Car Models
HO Scale passenger cars from the 30s and 40s. Some interesting prototypes made using Bethlehem Car Works and Eastern Car Works kits and custom components. Good prices, nice selection of kits and parts. This is the only HO manufacturer I know of that produces the Reading 'Wall Street' coach as an affordable kit!

A general railroading and modeling site. Some good forums for commuter agencies and their operations.

Check out this site for general railroad modeling and memorabilia. Features an online store.

A site for the railroader of the world. Information, message boards, manufacturer information, and much, much more! Well worth a look if you are a railfan and/or modeler.

The website for quality brass (and lately, resin) models of trolley and subway cars in HO and O scales.

A complete look at NJ Transit including rosters, photos, news, and modeling information! Very nicely done, well worth a look.

A manufacturer of HO scale brass and resin subway cars in HO and N scales. Does mostly NY-area subjects, but lately has begun to branch out to some other areas.

ALFRED CAPPELLI JR. HOBBIES, 313 Market St. Phila, PA 19106
(215) 629-1757 Tue-Sat 10a-5:30p EST
General Hobby Shop in Center City Philadelphia, PA, with a good selection of IHP products, especially Philadelphia-area subjects and some ship kits. (Sorry, no website!)

General hobby shop, also a longtime supplier to the traction hobby specializing in Chicago-area models in all scales. Is an IHP dealer.

Located in New York City near Manhattan's theatre district, not far from GCT, they stock NYC area commuter and transit models, but mostly RTR- no kits. Is an IHP dealer for RTR models.

Email Ed Skuchas at BERKSHIRE CAR SHOP Here
Send email to Berkshire Car Shop. Mr. Ed Skuchas stocks all models, all scales and accessories for HO, and O traction modeling, including Q-Car, Car Works, MTS Imports, and much more. He is a source for St. Petersburg Tram models in O scale, and is also an IHP dealer.

A site for collectors of DIECAST metal aircraft models, all types, sizes and airlines. This U.K. dealer stocks many models not available in the USA. All the familiar models such as Long Prosper(Flight Miniatures), Wooster, Gemini, CMD, Dragon Wings and Herpa PLUS many UK diecast manufacturers and travel-agent style models.

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