IHP HO Decals Page

These are our own decals, specially made for our products. Supply is limited on all decals. Click on any image to enlarge. Order all decals through your dealer or direct.

#887008 NJDOT Decals for Arrow I MU cars

This sheet has NJDOT and Penn Central logos along with 100-series numbers for the Arrow I. Each sheet does one car.
PRICE $6.50

#887009 SEPTA LRV/PCC Decals 1987-1997

This colorful sheet does any HO PCC car and single and double end LRV cars. Also can be adapted to other vehicles, including buses. Sheet includes striping, logos and numbers.
PRICE $9.50 Licensed Product

#887038 Government of Ontario (GO Transit) LOGOS ONLY

4 X 5ft and 4 X 2.5ft logos and legends for GO passenger cars
PRICE $4.25

#887042 SEPTA Decals for Bombardier 'Comet II' commuter cars
Decal set consists of our #87009 logo and striping set AND an extra decal sheet that contains the correct size and colour numbers to decorate both coach and cab cars produced by Walthers. Extra sheet also includes black numberboards.
PRICE $12.00 Licensed Product

#887044 SEPTA 'Block Logo' Decal Sheet
Decal set consists of three different sizes of red/white/blue SEPTA block logos. Four of each size are included. These logo decals are suitable for all SEPTA stainless steel MU/RDC cars and locomotives that used them. Price $9.00. Licensed Product.