#287002 HO Scale Budd BURT Transit Cars

Photos show differences between the two orders of cars

The Budd Universal Rapid Transit car was developed by the Budd Company in the early 1980s as an off-the-shelf transit car design that could be adapted for different operators. It proved ideal for startup operators Miami METRO and Baltimore's MTA Subway, but no other orders were placed before Budd folded in 1987. The BURT car is 75' long, 10' wide and features Budd's stainless steel carbody and fiberglass end trademarks, as well as Pioneer III-type trucks. They operate in semi-permanent married pairs in trains of up to 6 cars.

This shell can also be used as an 'off-the-shelf' car for model railroaders looking to add modern rapid transit to their layouts without following any specific or well-known prototype. Don't settle for a New York or Chicago design for your layout's startup rapid transit or subway line; finish IHP's Budd Universal Rapid Transit car shells to your own design specs and paint scheme and help move your city population.

TIPS: An Athearn RDC mechanism with the stepwells removed might be used to quick-power this model.

*One-Piece, Finely-cast resin shell

Front View

Rear View


287002Budd BURT Car Shell

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