#87101 HO Scale Budd SPV-2000 RDC
Photo of pilot model made from preproduction castings

The SPV-2000 was Budd's intended successor to the RDC, but was not the commercial or technical success that the RDC was. Only Amtrak and Metro-North placed significant orders, and the cars were plagued with mechanical troubles that got them pulled from service in the mid 1980s. Amtrak rebuilt their cars as nonpowered push-pull cars for Connecticut commuter service. Amtrak cars have diaphragms but are otherwise similar to the Metro-North units.

*Full scale length
*Available in Power or Dummy Kits
*One-Piece Body with roof blister moulded on
*Resin Floor w/cast-in Interior
*Detailed Resin Underbody
*Cast-metal detail parts
*Diecast Metal Pioneer III Trucks with 33" wheels
*Kadee-Compatible couper pockets
*Mechanism to be announced
*Minimum Radius 24"
*Kits are supplied Undecorated

87101ASPV-2000 Nonpowered KIT$99.95
87101BSPV-2000 Powered KIT$TBA

Availability: To Be Announced

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