HO Silverliner V Models


SEPTA in Philadelphia is currently testing the first Silverliner V MU cars. These electric coaches will replace Budd and St. Louis Silverliner MU cars dating from the 1960s on Philadelphia area commuter rail lines.

The Silverliner Vs are the first all-new electric commuter railcars for the Philadelphia area since the mid 1970s. They are being designed and built by Hyundai-Rotem, a South Korean consortium. These cars are designed to take advantage of the newest safety and accomodation features as well as ADA and FRA safety compliance rules. Their transit car design will allow for faster passenger loading and unloading at both high and low-level platforms. Other features such as digital destination signs will improve passenger friendliness. The cars share similar dimensions with the previous GE Silverliners and are being built in both single and married pair configurations. A total of 120 cars are being constructed, with shells and components coming from Korea and assembly and testing taking place in South Philadelphia. It is anticipated that the first new production cars will be ready for testing and acceptance in the Summer of 2010.

IHP is producing history's first-ever models of these new cars, with assistance from SEPTA. The first models will be for SEPTA display purposes. Shown are the display models made for SEPTA, the three very first ever Silverliner V models in HO scale. Watch this page for updates on this project and on the production Silverliner V models and kits.

FEATURES (as of June 2010):
*One-Piece Body Shells (Single and Married Pair)
*One-Piece Floors with cast-on Underbody Detail)
*Separate Body Details (Diaphragms, End Gates, Horns
*Authentic Roof details (Auxiliary Roof and Electrical Details)
*Interior with contured seats (included in kits)
*Flush-Fitting Tinted or Black Window Inserts
*IHP's own all-new plastic trucks with truck sideframes and disc brake details
*Married Pairs will include choice of two drawbar lengths
*RTR models will feature Sommerfeldt pantographs
*Full color SEPTA decal sheet made from ROTEM/SEPTA graphics standards (for Kits)

Single Unit

Married Pair