#87161 HO Scale R10 Transit Cars

Body Kits require purchase of Bowser mechanism and trucks. Floor is configured to accept these components with little or no modification.
Resin R10 Body Shell is ordered direct from IHP (through our website and eBay store).
3D-printed parts available through our Shapeways.com store in the HO section. They are purchased separately. The item descriptions will direct you further to what you need.

*Nonpowered 'Hybrid' Body Kits (resin and 3D-printed parts)
*One-Piece Resin Body Shell
*3D-printed Floor with cast-on and separate Underbody
*3D-printed Correct truck sideframes fit Bowser trucks (use #125115 drive)
*Instructions Available as PDF files for online viewing, printing or download

Click on link to see photo of body shell casting
87161R10 Car KIT Nonpowered
*Note: Photo shows old resin kits parts. You get the resin body shell from IHP and the frame and truck sideframes from our Shapeways.com page. PE end gates and windows not available.

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