HO PTC Brilliner

The Brilliner was Brill's attempt to gain a share of the market being taken by the PCC in the late 1930s. It wasn't that succesful, being only purchased by Philadelphia, Atlantic City, Cincinnati and Baltimore. Philadelphia's fleet consisted of only three cars, which were initially leased from Brill and then purchased by PTC. They were retired in the early 1950s due to parts supply issues. None were saved.

The PTC Brilliner kit has been upgraded and improved. It is now a one-piece shell with corrected PTC-specific details, simplified construction and correct wheel covers for this car. It also allows us to offer the kit at a slightly lower price!

Click to see photo of kit contents

*One-piece resin body shell
*Cast plastic frame accepts Bowser drive and trucks
*Detailed truck sideframes (included with shell, fit new Bowser trucks)
*Super-resilient wheel covers correct for the Brilliners
*Clear flush-fitting window inserts

87167PTC Brilliner, unpowered Kit