Budd Co. Photo

The Budd Company built 59 Silverliner cars for the Pennsylvania RR and Reading RR commuter operations in Philadelphia in 1963. They were slightly-modified production versions of the six Pioneer III cars built for the PRR in 1958. The cars were simple, 85' long fluted side utilitarian cars that had high capacity (128 seated passengers), good speed (85mph), quick acceleration, and air conditioning! They also had advanced features like automatic couplers that were a first for North American MUs. The cars rode on Pioneer III trucks, and had operating cabs at both ends, and a Faively Pantograph at one end for power collection. The Silverliners were of all-stainless steel construction, giving them their name. They were considered the most modern cars of their time. The cars have proven their durability and most still operate today for SEPTA, usually in rush-hour service. They are slated for retirement in the next few years, pending arrival of new equipment.

*Easy-to-assemble, undecorated, nonpowered kits
*Detailed, one-piece resin body shells
*One-piece floor with underbody
*End Stepwells
*Detailed Trucks with optional disc brake detail
*Interiors with 3-2 seating
*Tinted Window Inserts

Availability: TBA

87174Budd PRR Silverliner MU Kit