1949 Pittsburgh 1700-series PCC

Prototype Photo

Delivered in 1949 to Pittsburgh Railways, the cars could be found in two versions- city and interurban. The interurban cars were distinguished by their separately mounted upper floodlight on the roof ahead of the roof blister. These cars had the same dimensions as other postwar St. Louis Car Co. all-electric PCC's, but had sealed windows all around and an elongated blister on the roof for ventilation.

This shell is an all-new tool featuring better detail and more accurate dimensions over the previous 1700-series PCC shell we first produced in 1997.

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*One-piece resin body shell
*Available as a shell only. Use with Bowser's #125141 mechanism (now out of production) or the IHP 3D-printed PCC frame and Bowser's #125100 PCC mechanism.

871281949 Pittsburgh Railways Co. 1700-series PCC Shell

AVAILABILITY: Not Currently Available.