HO Scale Budd Metroliner MU Cafe Cars

Budd's Metroliner MU cars are legendary for being a commercial success and a technological failure. The cars were designed for 160mph service over the Northeast Corridor, but even though they suffered from frequent glitches and breakdowns, they helped usher in a new era of service on the most heavily traveled rail corridor in the USA. The cars were built in three configurations: coach, cafe and parlor. In later years, many cafe and parlor cars were reconfigured as coaches (though they retained their window configurations). To date, no commercial model of the Metroliner MU cafe or parlor car has been produced. IHP seeks to rectify this with these new models.

The CAFE car had two center windows blanked out on either side. Inside this section was a food service bar which could serve snacks or complete small meals. Bell roof antennas were mounted on the roof. The rest of the car's exterior was similar to the other car types.

*Ready To Finish, Undecorated powered and dummy models
*One-Piece, detailed plastic carbodies
*Underbody detail
*Machined Aluminum frame
*Detailed truck sideframes
*Interiors (in dummy cars)
*Faively Pantographs
*Shells will be available in the Apprentice Series
*NOTE: Details for this model are still being finalized. Watch this space for updates on this project.

87125Budd Metroliner MU Cafe Powered Car Kit w/trucks
87125ABudd Metroliner MU Cafe Dummy Car Kit w/trucks

Availability: TBA. If interested, please contact us.