HO Scale MP75 Electric MU Cars

The MP75 MU cars were built for the LIRR by Pullman-Standard in the early 1960s. The cars were 85' long, and were built as motor units and control trailers. They were similar in external appearance to the ACMUs delivered to the NYC during the same period. They were often referred to as 'zip' cars due to their quick acceleration. They were delivered in time to ferry LIRR passengers to the World's Fair and carried the colorful World's Fair paint scheme. The cars were rebuilt as push/pull cars after new M-1 MU cars arrived.

*Models represents Motor units
*Ready To Finish, Undecorated powered and dummy models
*One-Piece plastic carbodies and end stepwells
*Underbody detail
*Proto 1000 drive w/flywheel>br> *Machined Aluminum frame
*Detailed truck sideframes
*Interiors (in dummy cars)

87144MP75 Powered Car Kit w/trucks
87144AMP75 Dummy Car Kit w/trucks

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