1946 Kansas City/PTC PCC

Delivered in 1946 and 1947 to Kansas City Public Service, these cars had the same dimensions as other postwar St. Louis Car Co. all-electric PCC's, but were unique in having no standee windows. They were sold to other cities when KCPS ceased streetcar operations in 1956. They went to Toronto, Philadelphia, and Tampico, Mexico.

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This shell is a further improvement on our Kansas City Public Service PCC shell we have been producing since 1995. It has accurate dimensions, contours and details for the PTC/SEPTA 2251-2290 series cars purchased from KCPS after streetcar operations there ceased in 1956. This shell has correct doors, windows, skirts and body details for the PTC cars right up until they were retired by SEPTA in 1982. The body shell is designed to use our new 3D-printed plastic frame with the Bowser drive. (The previously-recommended Bowser #125141 mechanism is no longer available from Bowser.)

*One-piece resin body shell
*3D-Printed plastic Frame (Uses Bowser #125100 mechanism). ORDER FRAME HERE

871661946 KCPS/PTC 2251-2290 series PCC Body Shell

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