Illinois Terminal Double-End PCC Kit

Since the PCC design was essentially modular, different designs could be built to a customer's specifications. The IT cars were built from standard PCC components and were built to similar specification as double-end cars built for Red Arrow and San Francisco. Eight cars were built and delivered in 1948. They were numbered in the 450-457 series.

This shell is an all-new tool with correct dimensions, details and contours for this car. Body kits are easy to build. It is designed to accept Bowser's traction drive. Thanks to Charlie Long and Bob Foley for their assistance on this project.

*One-piece resin body shell with all details cast in place
*Plastic frame accepts Bowser's #125100 traction drive
*Super Resilient Wheel Covers
*Dummy Couplers

NOTE: Decals for this car are available from Shoreline Decals.

871691948 Illinois Terminal Double-End PCC Kit Undec