IHP HO Kinkisharyo LRV cars
HO Scale Kinkisharyo LRV Cars

These very long cars are double-articulated and feature low-floors for easy passenger loading. They are operated on the new Hoboken-Jersey City light rail line, as well as the Newark City Subway line. Other transit agencies in the USA operate modified versions of these cars, and our model can be modified to represent them.

This model is an upgraded version of our original Kinkisharyo LRV and features a newly-tooled end shell for better manufacturability and painting, and cleaner detail. Other parts have been upgraded and many issues of the older model have been addressed. New features of the model include tighter turning radius, better articulation, single-truck drive, flush-fitting tinted window inserts and all-plastic construction. All these features will make the model more adaptable and affordable for your layout.

*Nonpowered Unassembled KIT
*One-Piece Resin bodies
*Flush-fitting window inserts(can be ordered dark tinted clear or solid black)
*Cast plastic floors
*Fits Bowser's NEW drive mechanism and trucks (not included)
*Authentic roof details and dummy couplers
*Instruction Sheet and mounting screws
*Can negotiate a minimum radius of 12"

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