HO Atlantic City Brilliner

The Brilliner was Brill's attempt to gain a share of the market being taken by the PCC in the late 1930s. Its body design was based on diesel transit buses of the period. The Brilliner wasn't that successful, being purchased only by Philadelphia, Atlantic City, Cincinnati and Baltimore, and none lasted very long in service. Atlantic City's fleet consisted of 24 cars, which were based on the Brilliner prototype with the full skirts and half-moon/round windows in the passenger doors. The AC cars had oval windows in the lower part of the front doors for better visibility for the operator (compared to the round windows on the standard Brilliner).

This body kit allows the builder to make a later-series AC Brilliner from the box. The first couple of cars had the short front anticlimber; our model has the full wraparound front anticlimber characteristic of the bulk of the fleet. Decals for these models were available from Shoreline Decals (now out of production).

This kit has been modified to make use of 3D printing technology for major parts. The body shell is still cast in resin, but the frame and truck parts are now being offered via 3D printing to eliminate some of the problems of the earlier parts. The body shell is ordered directly from IHP. The 3D parts are all available separately from IHP's Shapeways page.

*One-piece resin body shell (Order via Paypal below, or use credit card/check HERE).
*3D-Printed plastic frame accepts Bowser drive and trucks ORDER HERE
*3D-Printed detailed truck sideframes (they fit new Bowser trucks) ORDER HERE
*3D-Printed Super-resilient wheel covers correct for the Brilliners ORDER HERE

87168Atlantic City Brilliner, unpowered Kit

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