HO Scale Comet III Commuter Coach Cars (No Toilet) Standard Version

(Long Door version shown)

These cars were designed as improvements on the successful Comet I and II designs used by several commuter agencies on the East Coast of the USA. Externally, they differ mainly in having center doors for passenger loading and unloading. Large fleets of these cars can be found in the New York/New Jersey metro area, while SEPTA in Philadelphia operates ten of these Comet III coach trailers to supplement its older fleet of Comet II cars.

These cars are available now in body craftsman kits, requiring only your paint and decals. Trucks are available separately from IHP.

*One-Piece Body Shells
*One-Piece Frame with accurate features and details (it's not just a copied stock Walthers frame)
*3D-printed GSI General 70 inboard-bearing trucks (available separately)
*Minimum Radius 22"
*Masters originally made for us by the late Mr. Frank Cicero of New York
*Affordably priced so you can build a complete train

87171Comet III Coach Trailer No Toilet Kit$59.95
87171Comet III Coach Trailer SEPTA Version, Painted/RTR$TBA
Shipping $7.50 in USA