IHP HO Scale Commuter Train Models
HO SCALE Commuter and Subway/Transit Cars

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87105GE M-2, M-4/M-6 MU Cars
87117Nippon Sharyo CSS&SB MU Cars
87121St. Louis Car Co. PRR/SEPTA Silverliner III MU Cars
87122Budd NYCTA R-11 Subway Cars
87123Kawasaki SEPTA B-IV Broad Street Subway Cars
87124Budd PRR Pioneer III 1958 MU Cars
87125Budd PRR/PC 1968 Metroliner MU Cafe Car
87126Budd PRR/PC 1968 Metroliner MU Parlor Car
87129Budd PATCO 1968 Transit Car
87130Budd SEPTA 1961 'Almond Joy' Transit Car
87132St. Louis Car Co. 1968 Arrow I MU Car
87133St. Louis Car Co. 1971 IC/METRA Highliner MU Car
87134NYCTA R44/R46 transit car END CAR kit
87135NYCTA R44/R46 transit car MIDTRAIN CAR kit
87137LIRR MP70 'Double-Decker' MU car
87138NYC/MNCR 1962 1100-series ACMU Car
87139NYC St. Louis 1950 4500-series MU Car
87140MNCR Budd M-3 MU Car
87141NYCTA R16 subway cars
87142NYCTA R27/30 subway cars
87143LIRR MP72 Car
87144LIRR MP75 MU Car
87145Budd RDC-4 Original (NH/CN version)
87146Budd RDC-9
87149ABB N5 SEPTA Norristown Line Cars
87150NYCTA St. Louis R40 'Slant-Nose' Subway Cars
87155Budd BURT Baltimore/Miami Transit Cars
87157Budd LIRR/MNCR M-1 MU Cars
87158Comet 3 Cab Car w/ Long Doors
87159Comet 3 Coach Trailer Long Doors w/Toilet
87160Comet 3 Coach Trailer Long Doors No Toilet
87161NYCTA R10 Subway Cars
87162Hyundai/Rotem SEPTA Silverliner V MU Cars
87163CTA 6200-series EL Cars
87164Kawasaki MBTA Bilevel Commuter Cars
87165CTA 2600-series EL Cars
87170Reading MU Coach (as Built)
87171Comet 3/Shoreliner 2 Coach Trailer
87172Shoreliner 2 Cab Car
87173Reading MU Combine (as Built)
87174Budd PRR 1963 Silverliner MU Car
87175Budd RDG 1963 Silverliner MU Car
87176GE Silverliner IV MU Single Unit PC Version
87177GE Silverliner IV MU Single Unit RDG Version
87178GE Silverliner IV MU Married Pair PC Version
87179GE Silverliner IV MU Married Pair RDG Version
87180GE Arrow III MU Single Unit
87181GE Arrow III MU Married Pair
87182GE Arrow II MU Cars