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Hi Mike, Your apprentice serie hull for Jean Bart arrived safely today.... Wowwww ! You did perfectly ! I wonder how your Alsace will come.. this should be a master piece ! All the Best, -Bruno Gire, Bordeaux, France

....I got two of the Bullets from the first run. As someone who's been doing this for 35+ years, I can state that these are first rate models, very nicely executed, and for what I personally consider to be an excellent price/value. It's all but impossible for anyone to produce models and then castings as good as the famous Clouser cast cars of the early '70s,, but IHP can be proud that they're right up there in the same class. -John Cloos

Mike. I received my order. I am pleased with the quality and the new plastic floor for the [HO] Brill liner. thanks. Like the [HO] KS PCC too. -John Engbers ________________________________________________________________________________________

Some comments about our 1:700 Algerie kit, as posted on

I just got my IHP Algerie kit and I love it, even though the French WWII fleet is one of the last subject areas I ever expected to build (or buy).
In the box, the hull looks perfectly straight and very crisply detailed. The rest of the parts all seem to have lots of very fine flash, but be very usable. The instructions give a nice summary of the differences provided for the various time periods in the ship's career. The brass 8" gun barrels are the first I've seen and are very exciting. I hope they don't spoil my Skywave habits. And some very nice anchor chain - must be about 40 links per inch.

The instructions aren't tremendous, but I have some nice pictures in M.J. Whitley's "Cruisers of World War Two", and what the heck, who needs steenkin' instructions anyway?

Now I have to figure out whether to model it early or late - the Loire 130 is a good reason to build the 1942 appearance, but the 1937 stack cap looks good, but...

Heck, I'd go back and buy one of the remaining ones, if it wasn't Christmas fund money I'd have to spend.

Let me recommend this kit as a great treat - the price is right and the model is very nice!

Rick Heinbaugh
I also received the IHP Algerie. It's a wonderful kit. Very crisp hull casting. The rest of my comments are pretty much the same as the others. The brass barrels are very nicely done. I think I will do mine with the Loire seaplane. I've always been interested in the Algerie and look forward to putting this kit together. Thanks Mike, for doing such a fine kit of this interesting warship!

Jeffrey Roberts


I got mine as well. The kit is nice. Plans for Algerie 1935 are here.

Christopher J. Sullivan


Hello Mike, here are the promised pictures of the HMS Repulse from Imperial Hobby Production. I have got the kit 1995 from Pacific Front Hobbies. This kit was one of my first resin kits. At that time I have only build a few resin kits. Mostly from Naval Works, Waveline and Classic Warship. I think that both of your early kits the RM Littorio and the HMS Repulse were at that time one of the best kits available. And up to today kit standarts they are quite good. Unfortunatly my skills at that time have not the same level as today.

-Christoph Mentzel, Germany


I got the kits today--Thanks! BTW they look like great kits-- I am in the mids of building your G-3 Invincible BC and I must say the quality of your product is suberb.

-Peter Lee

Thank you so much! I just received my [1:700] Sims kit. It's awesome! Thank you for making it. I am very, very pleased!
Thanks again,

Gerry Radice

Also wanted to let you know I really like your first two Sims class kits. Already started on one and can't wait to see it finished. I have to admit I pushed it ahead of about 150 other kits I have to do this but I really like the early US destroyers.

Alan Zelanski
Meriden, CT
Hi Mike,
The [N Scale] KC [PCC] shells look great!!! They arrived today in excellent condition. Thanks for little treasures :). Let me know when the Pitt 1700-series shells are ready and I'll get 5 of those too.

Donn K Mueller
Orangevale, CA
Hi Mike,

I got the [HO UTDC] cars last week, and I'm quite pleased. Thanks a lot!!

Dean Steptoe
Milton, Ontario, Canada
Hey Mike,

I just received my [HO UTDC] Sounder car set. They look excellent. Well worth the wait. You did an excellent job on them and I look foward to ordering from you again.

Thanks again,
Will Seeger
St. Joseph, MI
I received my order for a F59PHI shell and I find it to a great addition to N-scale. It is a perfect cast and will make a great addition to my fleet. I am also very impressed with the turn around time for my order. I was surprised to see it so quick! I can not wait for your CTA cars! Keep up the great work in N-scale!
A very satisfied customer!
-Nicholas Pluta, Des Plaines, IL
I just received the GSI trucks. Beautiful work!!
Again, thanks! And congrats on a great product!

-Juan Fernandez, Ellicott City, MD
Made my weekly trip to my downtown Tucson, Ariz. USPS post office box today and signed for an IHP shipping box. I couldn't wait to take it home! Mike Bartel's Motorman Premier series model of the SEPTA N-5, Norristown High Speed Line, car is stunning .....Everything about the IHP Motorman Premier N-5 is first class... ...They're worth every penny.
-Edward B. Havens, Tucson, Ariz.

East Penn Traction Club National Meet (4-5 May 2001)
IHP is proud to announce that we were the recipient of the 2nd place award for the show theme of 'Post-PCC cars'. Our O Scale SEPTA Kawasaki LRV took this prize. First prize was taken by Mr. Jack Spedden of Wilmington, Delaware. He took one of our HO Kawasaki kits, built it and painted it, and put in his own mechanism. Also, the car is lighted like the real thing. SEPTA took the third place award at this show for providing the design for the real car. Never before has one manufacturer so dominated a contest theme as did IHP on this day.

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